Here are helpful resources for elders. You will find others throughout this website.

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Church Manual

The Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual provides important policies and procedures, especially for the local congregation. It also gives the official descriptions of the elder’s role. Elders need to be familiar with the manual and follow it.

The manual is revised only at General Conference sessions. The current edition was published in 2016 and reflects the changes voted at the 2015 General Conference session. The Manual is available from the following sources:

You may purchase it at:

Adventist Book Center (paperback or hardback)


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Elder’s Guide

Contains worship programs including theme, thought for the day, Scripture and hymn, children’s story and sermon outlines on a variety of topics.

Download it from the GC Ministerial Association online store


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Elder’s Handbook

The Ministerial Association of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists publishes The Seventh-day Adventist Elder’s Handbook. The Handbook discusses in detail the work of the elder and provides helpful material on church programs. 

The printed edition was issued in 2013. Check the following sources for availability:

Adventist Book Center

An electronic version (updated from 2013) was issued in 2016. Elders in North America may download a free PDF version. Please visit this site and give the requested information. A PDF version of the Elder’s Handbook will be emailed to you.

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Elder’s Digest

The Ministerial Association of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists publishes this magazine quarterly.  The North American Division and local conference provide the English edition without cost to elders in North America. If you are not receiving your copy please check with your head elder or pastor.

All of Elder's Digest's past issues can be accessed online in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish at using the Archive link at the top of the page.

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500 Sermon Outlines

Three categories of sermons: Prophetic, Doctrinal and Devotional.

These are sermon outlines by Frederick F. Schwindt, well-known evangelist and preacher. You can copy each into a Word document and modify each of the outlines.

Available for download from the GC Ministerial Association online store